Friday, December 27, 2019

Research Proposals About Effects of Cell Phones on Human Society

The modern technology has led to advanced developments. A good example of modern collection of technology is our cell phones. Cellular phones have had a main impact on our lives and the way that we carry out daily errands. This fact sheet therefore provides imminent into the study of the effects that cell phones have on human society and personal health. Although cell phones serve to assist lives on a daily basis, they also have a few rebellious and unwanted effects. Towards contribution to the society, cell phones create culturally innovative, informative and converging society (Jeanne Ballantine 90). Research shows that several areas within the society settings have direct influences caused by cell phones. This includes Contributions to cooperative benefit of the persons via communal accountability, public sector upgrading and the development of infrastructure. Furthermore, cell phones have become part of life in everybody life and thus many feel as if are handicapped without them. Therefore, nowadays phones generate positive alteration in the society dynamics through various contributions such as socialization whereby they keep people in close contact with their friends and partners (Burgess 87). Also they are necessary in social and political unions and communication competence whereby communication has been made easier and faster. On the other hand, cell phones can also be out looked on their negative impacts which they cause to the society. Cell phones have so much technology and are destroying the original way of using certain things, such as pay phones, internet and email. These negative impacts of cell phones on the social living styles jointly produce typical impression on the financial system, wherein it suffers worldwide. With the advanced technology, cell phones are made in a way that they can serve multiple functions of other network systems (Bainbridge 142). This remains to be a challenge on the field of technology since the small gadgets are replacing and changing the original way of doing things. Modern cell phones are now like mini computers because of the features and applications they have. This is based on the fact that, they are small enough in size; thus can be carried anywhere. At the same time they serve the purpose of computer since they contain several useful functions in addition to giving easy access on the internet. Basically, cell phones have brought a whole new sense to the term multitasking (Reynolds 143). This calls for handling several activities at the same time thus saving on costs and other expenses which could be incurred on other network devices. Unfortunately, the same devices have negative impacts which affect humans on daily basis. Cell phones affect humans through various ways. This results from the excessive usage and obsessive communication with peers via phone calls and text messages. They cause increased expenses. Usage of cell phones is expensive thus it hampers socio economic succession which results to prominent stress level (Reynolds 224). Cell phones are associated with environmental effects especially in the cases where their batteries are disposed improperly. This releases harmful chemicals into the environment which cause harm to humans. Cell phones further are behind the many causes of auto accidents which occur due to talking sending text while still driving. Furthermore, cell phones are misused for blackmailing children and young women, kidnapping and capturing porn images. With connection to the relevant study on cell phones, it is true that they have both positive and negative impacts on human atmosphere. In conclusion and regardless of this, good thing decorated can wear away bad ones and therefore, it is important to look at the compensation more than the disadvantages aiming for greater heights (Bainbridge 67). From the above discussion we can all agree that cell phones have come with so much technology and as a result they have been destroying the original way of using certain things, such as pay phones, internet, and email. Works Cited Bainbridge, William. Mobile Computers. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005. Burgess, Adams. Cellular phones, public fears, and a culture of precaution‎, New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 2004. Jeanne, Hill. Ballantine, Keith. Our Social World: Condensed Version, New York: New Press, 2008. Reynolds, Nicholas. Key Competencies in the Knowledge Society. New York: John Wiley and Sons, 2010.

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