Saturday, November 23, 2019

Societies benefits from Computers essays

Societies benefits from Computers essays Today there are many growing fields and businesses in the world. Day in and day out, many people work hard at their jobs and receive a paycheck and are satisfied. But do you think they realize the technology that helped them get to where they are now? Or how the technology they use everyday has helped them in their lifetime? You might even go, as far as to say what hasnt technology done for them. Technology today has helped businesses worldwide get their work done faster and more efficiently. The main contributor to societies technological advances, however, is the computer. Contributing over one million computer related jobs, which help make our lives much easier in doing just day-to-day activities. The computer started out as a mere calculator of equations of arithmetic and was rather big. The analysis of logical operations, started by George Boole, used electromagnetic relays to be used instead of gearwheels, which the very first computing machine had previously used (McCollum, Tim). Builders of large calculators might put the program on a roll of punched paper rather than cards, but the idea was the same: machinery to do arithmetic, and instructions coded in some other form, somewhere else, designed to make the machinery work. So the ENIAC, started in 1943, was a massive electronic calculating machine, but I would not call it a computer in the modern sense. It was really big. So big it took up about an average master bedroom. It was also very slow and inefficient to go along with its over bearing size (McCollum, Tim). In todays world however, computers are much smaller (some small enough to fit in your pocket) and much faster and efficient (McCollum, Tim). This started a new gateway to communication and business solutions (Samuelson, Robert J.). Companies began to purchase high tech computer equipment in hopes to further their quality and production rates as well as create new fields of opportunity for expansion...

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