Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Stupid White Men essays

Stupid White Men essays The book, Stupid White Men by Michael Moore is very different from any I have read. It talks more about what people have done wrong then about the people themselves. Each chapter has its own way of making fun of George Bush and supporting Al Gore, but most references to these individuals are in chapter one. Chapter two was an open letter to President Bush. One thing that did seem funny in this chapter was when George Bush was in Arizona. He was asked what his favorite childhood book was. Our President replied with The Hungry Caterpillar, but this book was not published until 1969, one year after our President graduated from Yale. The next chapter was mind boggling. I have flown many times from Arizona to Michigan during my life in the winter and summer but have never thought about the pilots in command of the aircraft. In Chapter three, Michael Moore describes how the Bush administration cut funding for the Department of Transportation. Commercial airline pilots were left with minimal incomes of $13,000-15,000 a year. After they have to pay for uniforms and taxes, their income is only about $9,000 a year. Most of the pilots are on welfare and food stamps. Chapter four is about how we should fear the government and not blacks. Michael Moore stresses that the government is made up mostly of whites. According to studies, the average income for black Americans is 61% less per year than the average white income. That is the same percentage difference as it was in 1880. Michael Moore states that the only thing that has really changed in America is that there are no more signs saying No Blacks Allowed. There has never been a black guy who built a bomb or used a bomb to kill a mass amount of people at once, whether in Oklahoma City, Columbine, or Hiroshima. In his film Roger and Me, a bunny is hit on the head. Some people have said it makes them physically sick. Som...

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